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I'm Cassi. I'm gay, not really a dyke, but it's fun to dress up like it sometimes. I'm 16. I love screamo music or just rock. I like Escape the Fate, BFMV, Bring me the Horizon, other stuff like that. I have medium blond hair, blue/green/grey eyes, I'm 5'3 and skinny. Hit me up anytime.

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stories Could this be?(Lesbian Story) Ch. 8
Published in Stories on 07/25/2011
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stories Coudld this be? (Lesbian Story) Ch 6.
Published in Stories on 07/10/2011
stories Could this be? (Lesbian Story Ch. 5)
Published in Stories on 07/10/2011
stories Could this be? (Lesbian story Ch. 4)
Published in Stories on 07/09/2011


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July 31, 2011

Happiness Comes My Way

So I was on a chatroom the other day and I started talking to this girl....Yeah I know what people say about chatrooms and how the people are fake....This one is real. We email pictures, we talk on the phone some nights.....The only thing is....She lives in a differenty state...Like 5 states away from me.....But I think I'm really starting to like her....ALOT!!

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Sep 22nd, 2014

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stories Our Little Secret Chapter 10 (Lesbian Love Story) 07/14/2011
stories Our Little Secret Chapter 9 (Lesbian Love Story) 06/08/2011

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