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August 20, 2013

♪ Drink With Meeeee ♪

Nah, you don't really have to drink with me. I mean, if you're totally up for a Capri Sun, then go for it. Anyway, yeaaah. I'm starting to title my journal entries now after Les Miserables songs, just so ya know.
Hmmmm. Everytime I write a journal entry, I never know what to write about. It's really annoying and frustrating.
Umm, school's almost starting again..Which is JUST GREAT OH YEAH.
Obviously that's not the true because I actually hate school with such a passion. I'm content with being at home, safe from all the bullies and mean people, but ya know..Life just HAS to push me out into the real world. Great. At least I just have three more years and then I'm DONEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.
Anyway, nothing at all is going on with me. I guess. I'm watching Amish Mafia right now with my dad and brother and the whole show is hilarious. I know it's probably ALL fake, but it's so amusing.
Hmm, oh! Does anyone else ever have to do that crappy summer reading? At my school, we only have to read if we're going to an Advanced English class the following year, which sucks. So, I have to read two books and write notes on them..The thing is..Well, the books are really boring. I like romance, adventure, and all those good things..But the books they offered were just..Eh. One book talked about the making of the dictionary. Okay, I know that's interesting to some people, but it's not my type of stuff, ya know? Plus, they only give us five book to chose from and there's pretty much NO selection. I miss being in elementary school when you'd be allowed to choose which book you wanted to read instead of being given a lame list of 5-4 books. Well..I think it used to be like that. o_o Huh. Anyway, I read one book so far by reading it all in one night since I suck at reading books a little bit at a time. I always have to read books all the way through or I avoid reading the rest the next day. It's stupid of me, I know.
Well, enough about boring old me. I guess I should give an update of my writing..? Welllll..I'm working on an England oneshot. It's based off of something that really happened to me last week and I think it's hilarious. I realized that day that I'm not as brave as I thought I was..I actually scream like a little girl when huge bugs crawl in my house. So yeah. There'sthat story. Another one is the Closet story, but I feel like no one likes it. I used to get messages back then, but I feel like I haven't received feedback from others in a long time, save for a few people here and there. Umm..I'm also trying to work on the Roadtrip story but I feel like it's soooo crappy. Everytime I try to edit it or write more, it sounds like crap to me..Which is great. Finally, there's this bakery story I started that involves Italy, Romano, and the reader annnd probably more characters along the way. Italy and Romano work in a bakery annnd yada yada yada, they end up going to the same school as the reader, yada yada yeah. I haven't posted anything for that yet, but maybe I will soon. I dunno.
Annnd, that's it. I'm still boring, I have no shocking news on my writing, andddd everything the same, I guess.
Stay classy, Quizillians.

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