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I'm Sara. I'm 16. I'm silly, immature and really fucking loud. For other info just add For the record, I'm not claiming to be good at writing. I just enjoy it.

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stories The world starts afresh
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poems What I'd like.
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Latest Journal Entry

August 28, 2009

Nee Naw Nee Naw I'm an ambulance!

So everyones. Here was me, lookin' through all my random stuff...and then I saw the last time I posted a journal entry was yonks ago! So I thought that before I go on holiday I'd type one.
I got my ears pierced a while ago.
I know, I know. 15 and no ear piercings? Pfft.
But oh well, I'm making up for it now, cos I'm getting 2 more lobe piercings, then a double helix and maybe a tragus or industrial.
Then I wanna get my nose pierced, and a monroe or maybe angelbites.

Does anyone else like Zakk Wylde?
Formerly Jeffrey Phillip Wild...
He's Ozzy's guitarist, and founded a band called Black Label Society.
As far as my opinion goes, he is Jebus reborn, shot, reborn, set on fire, reborn, run over by a milk float, reborn and elected as prime minister. Which is pretty good methinks.
& I got Black Stone Cherry's Folklore & Supertition 2 disk special edition earlier...
And my polio/tetanus/whatever else jab...
And my cancer one...
It kinda made the whole experience a lot better.

I found a phone at a festival.
Any claimers?
Probably not, but it's worth asking...

My brother is an arsewipe.
When his girlfriend (my ex-best friend :|) is there he acts like such a twat...
But last night we had a gaming night, and he was really nice. (Ahh, it sounds like an actual Quizilla story!)
He even gave me some beer and stuffs.
Which is rare, cos he's a student and therefore can barely afford enough beer to keep him pissed throughout his lectures.

I have my Maths GCSE in November and I'm really panicking.

I ordered Herald Moth (InMe's latest album) and got a tee for £15 but I'm not sure if it actually ordered or not?
So if it hasn't I won't be able to get the limited edition CD unless I get it second hand...
How stupid is that?

Isn't it funny to go back and watch the first Harry Potter and just laugh at how silly the acots look, and how much they can't act back then?
I think so.

Bye all (:

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Sep 17th, 2014

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