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I and Sam Winchester have something in common we're both walking encyclopedia's

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Hi Im Lelly, Im an Aussie Im 14 & I like most kinds of anime & manga I enjoy reading, drawing, writing & listening to music in my free time.Im genrly easy going & can usually give useful advice.I like a lot of music and I often go through periods of time where I'm completely obsessed with a band.These alternate every few months but the bands that are nestled in a corner of my half beating heart forever as my favourites include My chemical romance and Green day.Thnks for taking the time to visit my profile:)

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February 3, 2011

Rejoice for the Queen of Wierdness returns! ;P

I bet you people thought I was dead....No? you didn't?...Oh...Oh well :(Anyway I haven't died, my Artistic Inspiration took over for a while. Then both Art andWritersblock plagued my mind for a good amount of time but my inspiration has been refreshed upon reading a story that had me absolutelyenthralled within it's clutches and upon talking to my good friend AdorkableGurl13 I have decided to take her advice and write another story. I also realized why my last was a flop I probably should have kept it as one page since it was written on one word document in the tiniest writing imaginable and when broken up the impact of it's message wasn't really evident. I expected nothing more then a few to read it but i'm more then pleased with the fact so many people were reading it, so thankyou to everyone who read my last short story, I intend to my next literate piece of work roughly ten chapters maybe twenty, it really does depend on how much i can fit in with my school work. Thank you all for being so kind and supportive and thank you for reading and taking my quizzes and polls.

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