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i'm still here kinda but not really

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I abuse capslock and fangirl like it's my job. I love TV, romantic comedies, beautiful words, sleeping, and writing just as much as I love robots. I wish I could write as much as I think. I obsess over pretty things and believe my existence has bettered because of Lost. I want to grow up to be Burnie Burns. (pic by a-mans-ship on tumblr)

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September 13, 2014

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Okay, so Quizilla is done for. It's sad, but understandable considering how the site has been spiralling down for a long time now and no one has really done much about it.

This is for like few people who still check on the profile cause, you know, I love writing and even though I haven't been posting it, I still try to write now and then and would like to be comfortable enough to post it one day. This is just a post so people know where I'll be.

- Archive of Our Own (probably main site I'll use): "Malfunction"

- Tumblr (back-up): "goefff" is my personal tumblr and still haven't really made a blog for my writing but will most likely use the "xbadrobot" url for my writing blog.

- Lunaescense (back-up probably): I have like 3 accounts there actually but the one that I've actually posted stuff on is "Omalley". Might change my username tho.

- Wattpad (probably won't use but just in case): "xBadRobot"

- I also have a Fanfiction.net account that I used but honestly don't remember the name atm. I have access to it if I ever need to use it.

- Also considering Quotev maybe possibly who knows. Just if all the other ones don't work. Hell I might even join DeviantArt for writing who knows.

Just know I'm not finished, or that you yourself can use all these websites to write if you're looking to continue writing. This was my first writing website I joined so of course I'm gonna miss it but it's been a long time coming that this happened. I'll miss this, I'll miss you, and I hope we find each other in the future somewhere else.

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Sep 16th, 2014

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