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i'm still here kinda but not really

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I abuse capslock and fangirl like it's my job. I love TV, romantic comedies, beautiful words, sleeping, and writing just as much as I love robots. I wish I could write as much as I think. I obsess over pretty things and believe my existence has bettered because of Lost. I want to grow up to be Burnie Burns. (pic by a-mans-ship on tumblr)

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May 19, 2013

coming to terms with my status as a drifter


For anyone still checking for updates, gosh, you are an amazing human being. Seriously, I wish I could update more than I do but the combination of exams, work, and pretty much the lack of motivation has left me in no mood to write. The few things I've actually written are due to the deadline of contests so requests and contest prizes are kind of in the back of mind right now (note: they are in my mind nevertheless). Anyway, I think it was about time for me to post a new journal since Quizilla so kindly deleted my latest one. Hopefully things will get better in the summer.

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Sep 2nd, 2014

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