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'Ello, 'ello! My name is Ali and I am a die-hard Beatlemaniac! c: I am also deeply obsessed with Hetalia thanks to my introduction to it by my friend, Veronica. Haha. (There is a tie between fave character though: Germany, England, and America are too awesome to choose between!!) Well, if you have any questions (or requests) please send me a message and I'll be sure to get back to you!!

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quizzes {Smosh} ♥ Seven Minutes in Heaven ♥
Published in Quizzes on 06/29/2012
quizzes {The Avengers} Seven Minutes in Heaven [For Girls...]
Published in Quizzes on 06/23/2012
polls Which "Avengers" Character Would You Rather Read About In A Fanfic?
Published in Polls on 06/21/2012
quizzes The Avengers - Spin the Bottle! {For girls...}
Published in Quizzes on 06/21/2012
stories Never Say Never (A Song Fic)
Published in Stories on 05/18/2012


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July 10, 2012


Okay, I got a message telling me that my Avengers Seven Minutes in Heaven Quiz got removed because it was "sexually explicit". DD:WHATTT?? WHO FLAGGED IT?? It took me FOREVER to finish and now you FLAG it?? FLAG IT?? Thanks a lot! Seriously! If you didn't like that they were making out, DON'T READ. DON'T TAKE THE QUIZ. SO INSTEAD THEY REMOVE IT??? UGGGGHHH!!WHYYYYYY??Whoever got my quiz removed (MY MOST POPULAR AND BEST WRITTEN QUIZ) I will find you. And I will destroy you. I WILL.

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quizzes Loki Is Best! 06/21/2012
quizzes Which Avenger Will You End Up With? 06/21/2012
quizzes Seven minutes in Heaven : Avengers 06/09/2012
quizzes What the 'Avengers' think of you... for girls 06/09/2012
quizzes The Avengers spinn the bottle. 06/08/2012

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