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Check out my new quiz/stories: Torn Between Tides ( pirates) and my remake of my last quiz/story based off the book The Outsiders, Social Status! I remade it cause I saw when I edited it I accidentally removed a huge chunk of info. Sorry about that!

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ALIENS ARE ABDUCTING SPONGEBOB! Hi, that's my weird, randome side. I'm eighteen ( yeah I know my profile has been saying I'm 17 for a while, don't believe it, it deceives people) Writing is my passion! I love to create my own worlds! I write about fantasy love stories so check out some of my work! I hope you enioy them and my goofiness! Take care now, bye bye then.

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quizzes Social Status part 1 (The Outsiders)(WWYFF)
Published in Quizzes on 03/08/2012
quizzes Torn Between Tides Chap 2 ( WWYFF)
Published in Quizzes on 03/03/2012
quizzes Torn Between Tides (WWYFF)
Published in Quizzes on 02/24/2012
quizzes Vampire Knight Vol7 Chap2- Shouchen
Published in Quizzes on 01/18/2012
quizzes Vampire Knight-Vol7 Chap1-Blood
Published in Quizzes on 01/18/2012


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October 11, 2010

Waking Up

Just sitting here thinking about what story I want to write. I am so tired, haven't been going to sleep until late these passed couple of days because of my boyfriend being over. it's all his fault! Just ate a bisquite this morning. How in the world do you spell bisquite? I know I spelled it wrong. But anyways, I am still hungry. I'm gonna eat me some non-healthy food and probably watch spongebob. Spongebob is the best! if I weren't going out with someone right now, I'd date Spongebob! Lol

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Sep 18th, 2014

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quizzes Social Status part 1 (The Outsiders)(WWYFF) 03/08/2012
polls My Vampire Knight rp quiz poll! 12/06/2010

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